• Witch Lake a life in the woods with a potion of magic and a little of curiosity.
  • Aerial Cinematography Close your eyes and imagine a flying dolly or Steadicam.

Being creative is

a free form of expression

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Video Production

A platform where every aspect of a project is manage. Development, Physical Production to final delivery. when each project's physycal and human resources is utilize to the maximum we obtain creativity quality.

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Every project is greater than the sum of its produce parts. When all those parts are combined together and exposed the righ way, they take a life of their own. a process call "magic" I called post-production

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Web Design

Understanding your target audience, your comptetitors, and industry trends are critical to creating effective and substantial improvements to a brand/website. The idea is to communicate the right message

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goes beyond setting up a set, knowing the specifics of a camera. What lens to use or how to frame a shot. For me, Cinematography is the art of creating a realistic image through a glass. Is how I can connect different worlds into one and have an adequate opportunity to convey a message. Knowingly that every second every frame is the only chance I have to show everything my brain can retain from the technically to the execution process

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Kyle W. Farley, M.F.A

Digital Filmaking and Video Production Departments Professor. Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Denis excelled in my classroom and produced superior creative work in our Digital Filmmaking and Video Production departments. He has become one of the most career centered students I have met in years. During this time I witnessed his tremendous growth and development. This development came not only in the area of technical production but in his maturity and character.

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