As a member of a medium class family in Colombia, my life has gone trough some rough changes. In my early years, I remember high school was a challenge on its own. I attend the Technical Institute Raffo Rivera. A school that prepares you to different options in life. I decide to join the Electrical program in which I learned from wiring a house up to the calculation and design of transformers. From that point on, my life set me apart to enjoy the usual pleasures of childhood, but they made me tougher and left me with a practical turn of mind that has served me well. After my good experiences in High school a new stage of my life was approaching rapidly, it was as every Colombian male to serve the army. In the army at first I was scared, but after a few push up’s and a few pull up’s that feeling change. My life was facing one tough path to adjust to but with desire and conviction I fought it through. While, in the army there were a few instances that make me realized how important one’s life is, I learned the difference of being one more of the crowd and being a recognized person. I learned the values of family, friendship and most important how to be ethical oriented. Being away from things I like, make me realized how to achieved things in life on my own and not just sit around and wait for them. My mom, an independent woman who have left Colombia while I was 15 years old. Decide that the US will be a good place for me to continue my education and to continue to growth as a human being. Scenery suddenly change. From Colombia, I get to move to New York and star new whole Life. My first rough barrier as any other immigrant was the language. My mother could not teach me because she has the same problem. As I was unemployed, I join several schools that offered an ESL program at no cost, knowing that later it will help me breaking that obstacle and try to get better and better.